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Discovering And Living Purpose on Life Signatures Radio

Mar 22, 2020

Success is available to everyone who wants it. It is not arbitrary. There has to be a wanting. Without it, it becomes elusive. That's why Jesus said that the poor you will always have them with you.

What a controversial thing to say, but it is the truth. God wants everyone to succeed and to make it in life. However, He...

Mar 21, 2020

We are all entitled and even marked for success. All of us. However, success is not arbitrary. That means that it will not come just because we were born. One of the secrets to attaining success is discussed in this episode.

That so called secret is not a secret anyway. It is a secret because not so many people know how...

Mar 20, 2020

There are probably no secrets of success out there. However, let's give it the benefit of the doubt. Probably the success principles are hidden to you, that's why they would be called secrets. The point is that success is not a reserve of a few people.

We are all candidates of success. As such there must be some few...

Mar 19, 2020

The equalizing thing about mankind is that we were all created to prosper. We are all intended to prosper and we all want to succeed in life. You cannot find a human being who consciously or unconsciously doesn't want to succeed.

That's one of the reasons for our being: to be productive and to be successful. Success...

Mar 18, 2020

The past several episodes have been focussed on two things. First, you and I are here on earth so that we can be the best version of ourselves in terms of our productivity.

Second, that our greatest enemy is the person that will do everything possible so that we are not productive. This enemy would use secretive weapons...