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The Life Purpose Podcast on Life Signatures Radio

Jun 10, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

Whether we like it or not, we are increasingly gravitating towards the purpose economy. This is the economy driven by our passions, gifts and talents, ideas and startups. The other economy has always been driven by education towards 'employability'. As it is, that is not working ever so increasingly....

Jun 9, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!! 

Why do we work? When you answer this question, it will start explaining the philosophy behind what we do in order to get work. For instance, a huge percentage of humanity will go to school ostensibly to be "employable". As such our education system doesn't churn out people who can deal well with the...

Jun 7, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

The just concluded series on the podcast focused on Work, and mostly the philosophy behind the work we do. Today, let's start talking about the purpose economy which in many ways affect the work that we do. Increasingly we are seeing that what used to work in the 90's is not going to help us anymore....

Jun 6, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!

When you have a wrong philosophy about work, you easily become prey to con artists because they will craft a pitch and sell you things that guarantee that you will not work but you will gain. At the heart of every con, there is someone who doesn't want to work, and doesn't want to honor time,...

Jun 5, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

Why do we work? Why do we look for work? We know that the number one reason for going to school is so that we can be "employable". We go there so that we can raise our chances of getting a job. But have we sat down to think why we do work in the first place? Listen to this.