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The Life Purpose Podcast on Life Signatures Radio

Sep 30, 2019

/As we continue developing in the world, the job landscape has totally been altered over the recent past. No longer is a CV the most celebrated arsenal you can use to acquire a job. What can you do?/

Sep 28, 2019

/We used to feel entitled when we acquired some academic heights such as a Degree. We always felt like we should be rewarded in the job market accordingly. Well not any more. Things have changed and they still are changing. What do we do now?/

Sep 27, 2019

/If you are looking for a job, there is one belief system that you will need to exterminate. You are not looking for a Job Title. You should be looking for opportunities to serve. Here is why./

Sep 26, 2019

/If you are hunting for a job, chances are that you are operating under some recycled belief systems that no longer serve their purpose. These philosophies move you away from your core, and can easily distract you from developing yourself. Let's listen in and find out what this is./

Sep 25, 2019

/God is not in the business of ‘zombifying’ people and robotizing every action they take. Be in synch with Him as you use your free-will to make decisions other than sitting and waiting on God when the ball is in your court. It is important to be in God's will. However at times, this is overrated. Here is why/