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The Life Purpose Podcast on Life Signatures Radio

Feb 28, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!! 

It is only logical that we would be passionately connected and attached the things we love, the  things that we have spent considerable time creating.

This attachment can easily be explained and I understand that. However, attachment has a way of locking us up in one place so much so that we are not...

Feb 27, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

When Corona virus was wasting away lives and locking up entire countries, people were forced to do something about it. One of such a person was Professor Patrick Ogwan (Check out his interview on episodes #901 and #902).

I give here a summary of six reasons why I think his invention of Covidex is...

Feb 26, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

We love miracles and happenstances especially when we have so little input in their creation. We love surprises especially when we do not have to break a sweat to gain a benefit.

Purpose discovery and deployment has some semblance of the miraculous in the form of serendipity. This is what happens...

Feb 25, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

In talking about Covidex, I just realized how smack in the middle of purpose deployment it is. One interesting thing about purpose or a life of purpose is that its discovery and deployment is seldom an event. It is always a process.

Here is why I think Covidex invention and deployment was not...

Feb 24, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

One of the most interesting things about humans is that we love events. We love things that happen out of the blue and miraculously for our benefit. However, the very nature of nature is structured so that we can use processes more than events.

There is such a thing as purpose refinement. Talking of...