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The Life Purpose Podcast on Life Signatures Radio

Mar 24, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!! 

Yesterday's episode explained in detail the power of status quo in forcing us indirectly not to pursue and monetize our purpose. That status quo has propped up a cousin that is so powerful that is also aiding the situation and making it worse.

It is perhaps the biggest reason why this is not...

Mar 23, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!!

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. We know that from Peter Drucker. What he didn't mention is that this can go both in the positive and the negative side. When it comes to purpose, one of the biggest enemies that makes people not to monetize it is the status quo.

Listen to this.

Mar 21, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

So far, there is a lot of background information that purpose is something that is available to all of us. It is not a preserve of the few. That being said, we still grapple in this world with joblessness, people failing to find work, meaningful work to do.

It is a serious matter. However, all along...

Mar 20, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!!

The good thing about purpose is the fact that it is not discriminatory. There is no human being that is born that lacks purpose. There isn't any that has 'special purpose' and the rest just have 'average purpose'. The word is "unique."

If we all have purpose, then we all can make it valuable. Here is...

Mar 19, 2023

📢 New #Podcast!! 

When we talk about monetization of purpose, we need to at least equalize the playing field. Well, we don't need to worry a lot about that because in some aspects, this field has already been equalized.

There are some things that are available in all human beings as a starter pack for purpose...