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The Life Purpose Podcast on Life Signatures Radio

Jul 31, 2022

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Playing ball with your son is fun. Taking your daughter out for a *Daddy-Daughter Dance" is fun. Going to a stadium to cheer and support your favorite team is fun... especially if you win. Going on a date with your spouse and having exclusive time together is fun!

But all that is just half the story....

Jul 30, 2022

📢 New Podcast!

In a conversation with some people somewhere about "work-life balance", I asked the question: when did that stuff start? Was it in the garden of Eden at creation? They admitted that it didn't, and somewhere along the path, things changed.
The idea of fun in life has been peddled as of life is a...

Jul 29, 2022

📢 New #Podcast!

Fun and purpose. Are they mutually exclusive? Is it possible to have fun while pushing purpose?! What's your definition of fun?
There is a school of thought that the people on purpose pursuit are too serious for life and therefore don't have fun.

Jesus said, "I have food to eat you know nothing...

Jul 28, 2022

📢 New #Podcast!

Fun is something that most of us live for. The human has been created to experience the full spectrum and vibrancy of life. Indeed, life ought to be fun! In fact, life without fun is not worth living.

So this begs the question: Does purpose eliminate fun out of life? Given that purpose is all about...

Jul 27, 2022

📢 New #Podcast!

Today's episode brings to a close a series of conversations I have had for the month of July with writers. There has been so much to learn from each of them.

Today's guest, Charles Onyango Obbo is a well respected writer and journalist that is seasoned with consistency in writing weekly articles for...